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February 14, is that truly the day of love? Is this a tradition that upto now some of us embracing? Chocolates, flowers, teddy bears and cupid, are these only the symbol of love?
Yes! We cannot over of this occasion. You’ve just reminisce all the days you have this feeling. It was surprising that somehow you’ve given inspiration to others without knowing it. It’s like a magic, you can be something different… And that’s how I define about love..

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 I’m back to my blogging site…

 The play of Antigone by Sophocles is really happened in a real life situation.  It is about the challenges and suffering encounter from father up to his two sons and two daughters.  When the oracle to Oedipus (the father), had came true, his suffering begun.  He exiled to Thebes and from there him castaway to Colonus, when he got accepted and died there with his daughters Antigone and Ismene.  It showed the real love of a daughter to his father.  And for his two sons Polynieces and Eteocles who had been enemy because of desiring both of the throne.  “My brother my enemy, my loved, always loved.  Bury me in my homeland- to have so much at least of my city.  This statement shows the two brothers having feud for sometime, and in the end they know they had still affection inside.  Polynieces who’s been grievance to his own brother, after awhile he recognized the blood is still thicker than treated him as enemy.  “I go to bury the brother I love”, this is one of the statement of Antigone in the play.  It stated to fight what is right.  We knew that Polynieces is a rebellion as Creon declared him.  But for Antigone, she wants justice that must fair to all.  The law which is not written for tomorrow or yesterday but for all times as she said to Creon, the ruler of Thebes.  Those acts really happened up to now.  We don’t know the justice we need is been fulfilled.  Sometimes justices come when you have a power in society.  And for Ismene who chose to obey the edict of Creon as she had her opinion that “We have no strength to defy the State”.  We are women, we must obey”.  This part shows Ismene as being a feebleness person.  She was not doing any contriving acts to help her brother justice rights.  In other side she is a docile person that accepted what the higher person order.  For Antigone, she can be characterize as a stubborn person because she still act the forbidden but she acquitted it  because she have reasons, to have burial rites the  corpse of his brother even in return for sacrificing of her own life.  And for that sacrifices Antigone must be brave, a loving person and have a woman of word.

The function is really to teach us the importance of the family we have.  In any trials we have, we must be one.  In Antigone, the only one that has Oedipus with his misfortune is here two daughters.  Antigone is serve his guide in his blindness and care for him while Ismene stayed inThebesto look out for his interests and keep him informed of whatever happened.  Another is how we fight our rights and make our decision value.  In my opinion, Antigone does all this acts because her family is her life.  What happened to her father and brothers can really hurt her, so when she knew that one of her brother cannot given justice, she was disobey the edict.

The Antigone is a drama that written in middle.  In the very beginning the characters suffered from pain and anger.  Start from their father Oedipus, who has been exiled from his homeland, then it continuous with his two daughters and two sons.  His sons died because of the aggressiveness in throne and his one daughter died because she sacrificed herself to aim the burial rites of her brother.  I think those acts of this drama is really understandable.  The characters portrays can relate in real life situation.  Of course, in the family there is also a black sheep, a weaker side and a fighter one.

The play reached the catharsis when the part of two brothers killed each other and they are aware of their mistakes.  As order of the higher ruler the body of Polynieces was left for beasts and birds to tear and devour and no one can bury him.  And then, Antigone wants burial rites for the corpse of his brother.  She defies the order and does what is right. She was punished and Haemon, his lover also killed herself.  When Eurydice knew what happen to her son she also killed herself and for Creon’s, all this happen because of him.  Those things happen because of the ruler did not fair in his decisions made.  And all of these actions he made all back to him.

In structuralism approach it identifies structures system of relationships.  It composed of the binary opposition, narrative theory and some figurative language used under metaphor and metonymy.  It maybe poetic or prosaic how did expressed by the writer.

In Aesop Fables there is always binary opposition to the characters, it maybe the force, situation or their characteristics.  For the story of Hare and Tortoise, the binary opposition there is their skills, speedy versus sluggish. The Hare characterized as fast moving while the tortoise known as being slowness on his moved. The other one is the hardworking ant versus the easy going grasshopper, where in this story the ants saving their food in preparing for winter season. Unlike the grasshopper, just enjoying the summer season and not thinking for the winter comes.  In the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg their manner are the binary oppositions.  The man and wife refer for being greedy and the goose for being generous to them.  The next story is the wind and the sun where the sun refers to warmth temperature and wind refers to blustery weather where they contradicting their strength to win.  And last fable is about the Lion and the Mouse, in which the lion classify as big and fierce animals while the mouse is small and tame animals, their characteristics classify us their binary oppositions.

The narrative theory of those Aesop fables had always a moral lesson to learn.  Like it express in the Hare and the Tortoise, “Slow and steady wins the race”.  As it happened when the two animals agreed to race to see who’s the fastest of them.  But the hare is too confident about herself so she takes a nap for her mind she could overtake the tortoise.  While the hare over sleeping herself the tortoise went off joggling along without moments of stopping. When hare awaken, she seen the tortoise had got in before her. It simply connote us that every trials in our life if we had perseverance we defeat all of this together with a right decision.

In the Ant and the Grasshopper it states the moral lesson of “Save while you are young or you’ll have nothing when you are old”.  As it happened now more youth’s are not preparing for their future, as you can see their lifestyle now.  The objective of this is we make conscious to our future because not each day we have something to expense for our living.  The next fable is about The Goose that laid the Golden Egg where the man and his wife owned this very special goose.  The moral lesson here is “Too much greed results in nothing”. Yes, it’s true it is a blessing for the couple to have that kind of goose, laying golden eggs it means you have source of wealth that you can used to live a lot.  But because you’re not contented and desiring more you’re blessing resulted in nothing.

In The Wind and the Sun it teaches us that it’s not always force to identify you’re the stronger as the moral lesson states “Gentle persuasion is stronger than force”. When the wind blew strong gusts of air the man still tight his coat against the wind and when the suns turn, he gently sent his beams upon the man and suddenly man became so warm that he took off his coat.  And the last fable is about The Lion and the Mouse in which the moral lesson tell us “Kindness is a good thing for all of us to practice, no matter how big or small we are”. The lion known as being wild animals listen to the mouse request that free him so that if the lion will call for help he will do the same.  So in return to his kindness the mouse help the lion in time of need.

The modified narrative function of those Aesop fables is always to give us the values of the story and how it be resolved by the characters.  In the hare and the tortoise, the hare realized that too confident in herself make her fool, so give importance to the capability of others.  For Grasshopper, while there is time look forward to have better future because time is gold.  In the Goose fables, the couples realized that miracles happened once so better take care about it.  Meanwhile in the Wind and the Sun they conceded that great force is not an idealist to win, it has some certain of techniques like the sun did.  And for the last one the Lion and the mouse, the two resolve their situation by give and take their demands and being helpful to one another.

In certain sentences the Aesop fables seen some figurative language to express more ideas of the story.  The statements of the hare “you shall soon see what my feet are made of” in the Hare and Tortoise.  It may refer to us that what kind of her feet that she can run fast.  Another is “a whole colony” where it reflects as the whole community of the ants doing together in the fables of The Ant and the Grasshopper. In the Goose that laid the Golden Egg, “Lay a Golden Egg” this phrase refers to a treasure; the writers used the goose to means of golden egg which the couples make for living.

All of these fables narrate us what it happened in real world and most of the time they just used the animal character to understand the purpose of author.

From Feminism point of view, Ms. Aida Rivera- Ford, written short stories that become outstanding, entitled Love in the Cornhusks.  The story involved of a woman who become failure to her lover, Amado.  She classifies Tinang as the helper of one of the rich family in their town.  Like the other women she works inside the house, cleaning, preparing meals and gardening.  Sometimes she would take the food for Señor in the field and because she is a bit different in her look the laborers would eye her furtively.

For this instances, Tinang’s feel great and thought herself above them, for she knew she was always neat and clean.  She had gone to school and had reached the sixth grade.  For us we know, that in old times, women are not important to have education, men do through they are the one who work for the family.

It also emphasize the role of a woman, when having a family as Señora said “Ano, Tinang, it is not a good thing to be married?”  As Tinang declares, it is very hard and it is better she working again in Señora’s house.  It reveals the true feelings of Tinang through her situation right now.  I think if she can choose again, she refuse to marry and have a family especially when she knew that Amado really love her and she’s not being forgotten.  It is because of his mother that’s why he cannot return to fulfill his promises. The character of woman here is being sensible in all outcomes she experienced in life.

In Amado’s act of being take good care of his mother ill, it illustrate the feminine touch of a woman.  Even he is a man his duty and roles changes by the situation specified.  It simply shows that even our culture is women’s responsibility to perform it, it happened to change when the situation cannot be stand.

The story shows the lifestyle of a woman in every era.  We can still observe now that if a woman is belonging to unfortunate family she carries out all kinds of work to have a better life.  Like happened of Tinang, she is a helper in some way but somehow she gains an education to boost her position in life.  But like in reality we made a choice through in that time you think that is the right thing to do.  Then when we realize it’s too late to turn back the things you wanted in life.  So better to move on and face the consequences because we can’t live in past better in future.

For Tinang’s love tale maybe she feels disappointment for what happened but she come back to reality when she saw the snake slide close to her baby. Tinang demonstrate the vulnerable side of a woman character in her choosing the path of her life.  Yet she had regret she wants to move ahead for her baby, for her life.

In text used by the writer it is written in low point because the words she used are very simple.  I notice that some of the words used here are in Tagalog, like ano, hala and oy .Maybe the writer’s feel like to add some expression’s of Tagalog for better livelier of the script when we read.


 In Mythological approach literary criticism is mainly concerned to seek out those mysterious elements that inform certain literary works and elicit with almost uncanny force, dramatic and universal human reactions.  It is how to discover how certain works of literature usually those that have become or promise to become.  Mostly the writer’s use some archetypal patterns in their literary work, in which those archetypes have symbolic sense.

In the Sign of the Sea Gulls the characters and setting enact mysterious episode of the story.  Simon’s play having secret identity; he had undergone a shadow in the past.  If ever he run for someplace a curse upon him, and all the people chase him to stay away their premises.  I think the nature of Simon is simply easy going and only concern in his mainly needs.  In his unconsciously actions to a woman he had been together and take care of their son hated him for all the wrongs he did.

For this hatred to Simon, the woman statement becomes plunged for him.

“The bird and fish will die whichever take into their bodies the pollution

of your presence

“May all mothers who have suckled babies on their breasts abhor you

who are the death of your sons.

“May you be hounded to the ends of the earth even to the sea

“Run, for that is the most you can do

“My voice will pursue your mind whichever way it will turn.

He wants to change, but the curse chasing him everywhere.  As it did, when he lived in other land the sea here becomes reason of deaths of some fishermen.  There is no fish, as the people said it because of Simon, he brought dead and misery when the time he land.  He wants peace but he did not know what to do, the angry people wish him to run off their place.

The story title The Sign of the Sea Gulls is relating in Mythological approaches, where the sea gulls is a kind of bird that lives near the sea representing myth premonitions.  If there is a fine weather there are sea gulls flying in the place.  As they experiencing in the land no sea gulls fly there anymore and no more fish to caught.  They believe that there is a curse sweeping on their land.

While the play goes some archetypes appear in some scenes.  In the first scene, most of the women need mercy for the body that the sea waves destroy them.  In mythological meaning of this the sea represents another of all life or death, it indeed in the story, many fishermen dead because of the waves that surround them.  For the women it is all because of curse polluted their land.

The archetypal woman represents the old woman, her role the play as the goodmother.  The old woman warned Simon to leave their land, he bearing his curse and all the people angry and want to destroy him.  She wishes orderly and peace for Simon to leave their land, as she said to women,

“Your souls are his who saved you from yourselves and he saved you that

You might grant him peace.

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