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From Feminism point of view, Ms. Aida Rivera- Ford, written short stories that become outstanding, entitled Love in the Cornhusks.  The story involved of a woman who become failure to her lover, Amado.  She classifies Tinang as the helper of one of the rich family in their town.  Like the other women she works inside the house, cleaning, preparing meals and gardening.  Sometimes she would take the food for Señor in the field and because she is a bit different in her look the laborers would eye her furtively.

For this instances, Tinang’s feel great and thought herself above them, for she knew she was always neat and clean.  She had gone to school and had reached the sixth grade.  For us we know, that in old times, women are not important to have education, men do through they are the one who work for the family.

It also emphasize the role of a woman, when having a family as Señora said “Ano, Tinang, it is not a good thing to be married?”  As Tinang declares, it is very hard and it is better she working again in Señora’s house.  It reveals the true feelings of Tinang through her situation right now.  I think if she can choose again, she refuse to marry and have a family especially when she knew that Amado really love her and she’s not being forgotten.  It is because of his mother that’s why he cannot return to fulfill his promises. The character of woman here is being sensible in all outcomes she experienced in life.

In Amado’s act of being take good care of his mother ill, it illustrate the feminine touch of a woman.  Even he is a man his duty and roles changes by the situation specified.  It simply shows that even our culture is women’s responsibility to perform it, it happened to change when the situation cannot be stand.

The story shows the lifestyle of a woman in every era.  We can still observe now that if a woman is belonging to unfortunate family she carries out all kinds of work to have a better life.  Like happened of Tinang, she is a helper in some way but somehow she gains an education to boost her position in life.  But like in reality we made a choice through in that time you think that is the right thing to do.  Then when we realize it’s too late to turn back the things you wanted in life.  So better to move on and face the consequences because we can’t live in past better in future.

For Tinang’s love tale maybe she feels disappointment for what happened but she come back to reality when she saw the snake slide close to her baby. Tinang demonstrate the vulnerable side of a woman character in her choosing the path of her life.  Yet she had regret she wants to move ahead for her baby, for her life.

In text used by the writer it is written in low point because the words she used are very simple.  I notice that some of the words used here are in Tagalog, like ano, hala and oy .Maybe the writer’s feel like to add some expression’s of Tagalog for better livelier of the script when we read.


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