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 In Mythological approach literary criticism is mainly concerned to seek out those mysterious elements that inform certain literary works and elicit with almost uncanny force, dramatic and universal human reactions.  It is how to discover how certain works of literature usually those that have become or promise to become.  Mostly the writer’s use some archetypal patterns in their literary work, in which those archetypes have symbolic sense.

In the Sign of the Sea Gulls the characters and setting enact mysterious episode of the story.  Simon’s play having secret identity; he had undergone a shadow in the past.  If ever he run for someplace a curse upon him, and all the people chase him to stay away their premises.  I think the nature of Simon is simply easy going and only concern in his mainly needs.  In his unconsciously actions to a woman he had been together and take care of their son hated him for all the wrongs he did.

For this hatred to Simon, the woman statement becomes plunged for him.

“The bird and fish will die whichever take into their bodies the pollution

of your presence

“May all mothers who have suckled babies on their breasts abhor you

who are the death of your sons.

“May you be hounded to the ends of the earth even to the sea

“Run, for that is the most you can do

“My voice will pursue your mind whichever way it will turn.

He wants to change, but the curse chasing him everywhere.  As it did, when he lived in other land the sea here becomes reason of deaths of some fishermen.  There is no fish, as the people said it because of Simon, he brought dead and misery when the time he land.  He wants peace but he did not know what to do, the angry people wish him to run off their place.

The story title The Sign of the Sea Gulls is relating in Mythological approaches, where the sea gulls is a kind of bird that lives near the sea representing myth premonitions.  If there is a fine weather there are sea gulls flying in the place.  As they experiencing in the land no sea gulls fly there anymore and no more fish to caught.  They believe that there is a curse sweeping on their land.

While the play goes some archetypes appear in some scenes.  In the first scene, most of the women need mercy for the body that the sea waves destroy them.  In mythological meaning of this the sea represents another of all life or death, it indeed in the story, many fishermen dead because of the waves that surround them.  For the women it is all because of curse polluted their land.

The archetypal woman represents the old woman, her role the play as the goodmother.  The old woman warned Simon to leave their land, he bearing his curse and all the people angry and want to destroy him.  She wishes orderly and peace for Simon to leave their land, as she said to women,

“Your souls are his who saved you from yourselves and he saved you that

You might grant him peace.


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