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 The play of Antigone by Sophocles is really happened in a real life situation.  It is about the challenges and suffering encounter from father up to his two sons and two daughters.  When the oracle to Oedipus (the father), had came true, his suffering begun.  He exiled to Thebes and from there him castaway to Colonus, when he got accepted and died there with his daughters Antigone and Ismene.  It showed the real love of a daughter to his father.  And for his two sons Polynieces and Eteocles who had been enemy because of desiring both of the throne.  “My brother my enemy, my loved, always loved.  Bury me in my homeland- to have so much at least of my city.  This statement shows the two brothers having feud for sometime, and in the end they know they had still affection inside.  Polynieces who’s been grievance to his own brother, after awhile he recognized the blood is still thicker than treated him as enemy.  “I go to bury the brother I love”, this is one of the statement of Antigone in the play.  It stated to fight what is right.  We knew that Polynieces is a rebellion as Creon declared him.  But for Antigone, she wants justice that must fair to all.  The law which is not written for tomorrow or yesterday but for all times as she said to Creon, the ruler of Thebes.  Those acts really happened up to now.  We don’t know the justice we need is been fulfilled.  Sometimes justices come when you have a power in society.  And for Ismene who chose to obey the edict of Creon as she had her opinion that “We have no strength to defy the State”.  We are women, we must obey”.  This part shows Ismene as being a feebleness person.  She was not doing any contriving acts to help her brother justice rights.  In other side she is a docile person that accepted what the higher person order.  For Antigone, she can be characterize as a stubborn person because she still act the forbidden but she acquitted it  because she have reasons, to have burial rites the  corpse of his brother even in return for sacrificing of her own life.  And for that sacrifices Antigone must be brave, a loving person and have a woman of word.

The function is really to teach us the importance of the family we have.  In any trials we have, we must be one.  In Antigone, the only one that has Oedipus with his misfortune is here two daughters.  Antigone is serve his guide in his blindness and care for him while Ismene stayed inThebesto look out for his interests and keep him informed of whatever happened.  Another is how we fight our rights and make our decision value.  In my opinion, Antigone does all this acts because her family is her life.  What happened to her father and brothers can really hurt her, so when she knew that one of her brother cannot given justice, she was disobey the edict.

The Antigone is a drama that written in middle.  In the very beginning the characters suffered from pain and anger.  Start from their father Oedipus, who has been exiled from his homeland, then it continuous with his two daughters and two sons.  His sons died because of the aggressiveness in throne and his one daughter died because she sacrificed herself to aim the burial rites of her brother.  I think those acts of this drama is really understandable.  The characters portrays can relate in real life situation.  Of course, in the family there is also a black sheep, a weaker side and a fighter one.

The play reached the catharsis when the part of two brothers killed each other and they are aware of their mistakes.  As order of the higher ruler the body of Polynieces was left for beasts and birds to tear and devour and no one can bury him.  And then, Antigone wants burial rites for the corpse of his brother.  She defies the order and does what is right. She was punished and Haemon, his lover also killed herself.  When Eurydice knew what happen to her son she also killed herself and for Creon’s, all this happen because of him.  Those things happen because of the ruler did not fair in his decisions made.  And all of these actions he made all back to him.


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